Monday, December 26, 2016

New Preorder from Jennifer Skully & Bella Andre!

Happy holidays to everyone! I hope you’re enjoying the season!

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And now Irresistible in Love, the story you’ve all been waiting for! Evan and the woman of his dreams. The woman who is not his bitchy soon-to-be ex-wife. The woman who has been his sister-in-law for the last 8 years...and now he wants her to be more. This is the story Bella and I have been dying to write! Preorder Irresistible in Love, Maverick Billionaires Book 4, coming to you March 8, 2017! Reserve your copy today!

And oh yes, I’ve been dying to write this story. I’ve been feeling Evan’s pain through three books, and I couldn’t wait for things to explode. Because inevitably they had to! Evan couldn’t just keep on taking the crap his wife Whitney kept dealing out. So now you have it, what really happened! I think you’re going to be totally surprised when the truth about Whitney finally comes out!

Evan Collins is the man with the Midas touch. Having left his hard childhood behind him, the tech genius vowed to one day have everything. But when he discovers his marriage is built on lies, the only people he can trust now are the Mavericks—and the woman who has always been there for him: Paige, the sister of his soon-to-be ex-wife.

The blurb…

Paige Ryan has always loved Evan Collins, a secret she’s hugged close to her heart for nine long years. But when her sister's devastating betrayal is revealed, Paige can’t keep her feelings hidden any longer.

Paige is a beacon of light for Evan. Despite believing he needs to keep the walls around his heart stronger than ever, he's irresistibly drawn to her sweet, pure heart—and the undeniable sparks flaring between them. She's the only one he trusts to help him face the darkness of his past head-on before it destroys him. But will their forbidden romance end up destroying them both?

Preorder Irresistible in Love here: Kindle  Kindle UK  Kindle CA  Kindle AU  iBooks  iBooks UK  iBooks AU  iBooks CA  Nook  Google Play  Kobo

More in the series…

Breathless in Love (Will and Harper)

Reckless in Love (Sebastian and Charlie)

Fearless in Love  (Matt and Ari)

Irresistible in Love  (Evan & Paige) coming 2017

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Friday, December 9, 2016

Courtesans Tales coming back to you!

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So now let me tell you all about the Courtesans Tales!

I recently got the rights back from Berkley for the three anthologies in the Courtesans Tales. So I’m bringing them to use with new covers, new blurbs, and putting each story out individually so you can enjoy them one at a time without having to buy 3 all at once! These are sexy stories all based the kinky fantasy some women may have: getting paid for sex (not that we’d ever actually do it!). Now, of course, if you did have that fantasy, you’d want a sexy, handsome, to-die-for guy, right! And all my heroes are to absolutely to die for! Mouthwatering. Not to mention smart, funny, successful, and rich! And make no mistake, these are sensual romances with the requisite HEA, though it might be a little unusual. They’re all stand-alone, but they’re connected by the elegant, classy agency “Courtesans.” Here’s a little bit about Courtesans.

A glitzy, sensual world of powerful people and the courtesans they’ll pay anything to have.

An exclusive and secret agency, for over two hundred years Courtesans has specialized in providing entertainment of a sexual nature. Its clients are rich, powerful, and influential men and women, and one only meets a courtesan through referral from trusted sources. Courtesans facilitates bringing together men and women to satisfy any sexual need imaginable, matching the perfect courtesan with just the right client. The agency prides itself on training its courtesans, male and female, to interpret and fulfill its client’s greatest fantasies, even the secret ones no one dares to say aloud. The price is high, but everyone who’s ever had the pleasure of a date with a courtesan will agree, the fantasy is worth every penny. And sometimes it changes your life.

Stories to make you blush…

To start, I’ve put the first three books up all at once, the rest to follow (9 tales in all) in coming months.

The Girlfriend Experience, Courtesans Tales Book 1

When a friend tells Marianna about life as a courtesan, Marianna wants it. Thrust into a world of powerful men, she holds all the power.

A widower, Chase seeks to ease his pain in insignificant relationships. Until he treats Marianna like his girlfriend rather than a courtesan.

Now Marianna learns that money doesn’t buy self-worth. And it’s the reason she’ll lose the man who is worth everything.

Payback, Courtesans Tales Book 2

When Dominique Lowe’s husband of 15 years divorces her for a younger model, she finds the perfect revenge. She becomes a courtesan, to show her husband she’s far more woman than he could handle.

High-priced, with even higher standards, when Gabriel Price refuses to pay her worth, he becomes the man she must have.

Now Dominique must learn that power doesn’t buy happiness, but love is worth everything.

Triple Play, Courtesans Tales Book 3

Can a three-time loser at marriage (and a courtesan) find love? When Noelle St. James finds Dax Deacon, the answer may very well be yes. If she can survive the sex games that Dax wants to play.

And here’s where you can these elegant, classy, kinky, erotic tales:

The Girlfriend Experience, Courtesans Tales Book 1
Read an excerpt

Payback, Courtesans Tales Book 2
Read an excerpt

Triple Play, Courtesans Tales Book 3
Read an excerpt


Dead to the Max, Max Starr Series, Book 1 is free!

She’s Gotta Be Mine is FREE! Try Book 1 of the Cottonmouth Series.

Try Invitation to Seduction, the first book in the Open Invitation Triology for FREE!


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