Monday, August 20, 2012

A facelift for Take Your Pick

I wanted to give you a sneak preview of the new cover for Take Your Pick, my sexy ménage story. I’m reissuing the book in a couple of months. And I just love the cover Rae Monet made for me! Does it make you want to pick up the book? I sure hope so!

A reminder that Beauty or the Bitch, my contemporary retelling of Beauty and the Beast (with a twist!) is free for those who haven’t read it at Amazon and all the other major e-tailers. Don’t miss it!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Kinky Neighbors Two, Chapter One!

First I want to let you know about the radio interview I did with Ande Lyons of Bring Back Desire. It was a whole lot of fun, and Ande is a great host. Here’s the link for the podcast: Trailblazing Pathways to love with Deb Dutilh and Jasmine Haynes. You’ll find the podcast after the bios. The first half hour is with life coach Deb Dutilh, then I’m up. Enjoy!

And here it is! Kinky Neighbors Two! Remember when I did Kinky Neighbors as a free read on the blog, a chapter a week, and all the discussions we had. Most of you wanted to know more about what happened to the couples after the first story ended. So I’ve written a sequel to let you all know how our two naughty couples fared. I'm sorry, but I've had to get rid of the previous blogs with Kinky Neighbors in it due to "public domain" issues. I just got a notice about that. I'm sorry for the inconvenience. But Kinky Two is still a fun story even without reading the first.

I love both covers for the books. The first cover was by Rosemary Gunn and Rae Monet did a great job of matching it. I think the photo typifies Cat and Logan, Cat looking all sultry and Logan drinking in the background.

As before, I’ll put up a chapter a week of Kinky Neighbors Two, and there’s 9 chapters. I will leave each chapter up for two weeks, then I'll have to take it down, again for "public domain" issues. Please be over 18, because this is a very naughty read, as was the first book. The first chapter is an expanded version of what I posted last week as an excerpt. So without further delay, let’s get started with the blurb, then Chapter One!

The Mitchells and the Harts, kinky next-door neighbors, a little wife-swapping and some very hot foursome sex. But things didn’t go quite as planned for these kinky neighbors...

Now, in Kinky Neighbors Two, find out where these two naughty couples are now and what kinky adventures they’ve gotten themselves into. Will they all have a happy ending? Will they go back to the way things were? Is that even possible? Or will someone get their just desserts?

Kinky Neighbors Two: Cat and Logan’s Just Desserts
Copyright 2012 Jasmine Haynes
Chapter One

“Baby, this is going to be so good,” Cat purred in his ear as she knotted the rope around his wrist and tied his left hand to the bed post.

Logan Hart had no doubt it would be good. She had him right where she liked him best, flat on his back, and he couldn’t wait for whatever sex game she had in mind. Cat was an extraordinary lover with a filthy mind. Nothing was taboo to her. He’d had her every way a man possibly could. And he’d let her do things to him that would have freaked out his ex-wife. Alexis wasn’t a prude, but until the foursome they’d started during their Tahoe vacation last year, she’d been pretty vanilla, her wild and crazy moments few and far between.

To get to his other hand, Cat straddled his belly, the crotch of her panties caressing his cock. Gathering her gorgeous brunette hair to the back of her head, she wriggled on him. And smiled. “Baby, baby,” she cooed. “You’re already hard.” Moving to his side, she grabbed his right hand and looped a length of rope around it.

“Hell, yeah,” he said. Naked, hard, and ready for anything. Cat wore a skimpy sundress, her perfect, large breasts straining the fabric, and panties, that was all. She’d been sunning in the backyard during the afternoon, and the late August rays had left her skin still warm to the touch. Summer in the San Francisco Bay Area had been a little cool this year, but Cat ran a few degrees hotter than most, in more ways than one.

That heat was the reason for his divorce, and hers, both of which had become final six months ago. After they’d started the foursome/wife-swapping thing, he couldn’t get enough of Cat. Personally, he couldn’t really see the difference between fucking Cat in front of Alexis versus fucking her in the afternoon while Alexis was at work. How could that be betrayal? Yet both Alexis and Cat’s husband Drew had seen it differently. So now Logan was divorced and living with Cat. Ah, the changes a year wrought.

Having secured his wrists, Cat crawled down to the end of the bed. She hiked her dress up over her firm ass, and he could see the dampness of her panties.

“How about a little suck?” he cajoled. “I promise not to come.”

From the bottom of the bed, where she was working on restraining his legs, Cat shot him a sultry look with those damn sexy brown eyes of hers, and shook her finger at him. “Uh-uh-uh. No samples. I want you harder and hotter than you’ve ever been.”

They hadn’t had sex in three days. She hadn’t even let him whack off, insisting that she wanted him crazy with need for her little surprise.

“I’m dying here.” Those three days had been a killer.

She finished knotting the last rope, leaving him tied down and spread-eagled. Then she knelt between his legs. “Oh, look at you. That is sooooo sexy.” She stroked from the base of his balls all the way to the tip of his cock.

Logan shivered. “You witch.”

She laughed. Cat had a sexy, wicked laugh that never failed to make him hard.

“Now for the crowning touch.” She hopped off the bed and rummaged in her bureau drawer. When she found what she was looking for, she held up the prize. A black blindfold she normally used for sleeping on long flights. “It’s going to be all sensory, just touch and sound, no sight.”

“You’re evil.” He had to admit the idea had appeal. His cock stood straight. Climbing onto the bed once more, she pulled the blindfold’s elastic band over the back of his head and slid the padded material down over his eyes, patting the nosepiece into place. The fit was perfect; he couldn’t see a thing.

She kissed him, a long, hungry melding of mouths and tongues. Her lips tasted of sweet berries. He loved it when she left smudges of shiny gloss on his cock.

The ring of the doorbell echoed through the house.

“It’s time.”

The bed shifted as she climbed off. Her footsteps padded softly on the thick carpeting, then faded. She’d stripped off the thick comforter, and he lay on silk sheets, his head pillowed by goose down. Cat was all about the best of everything. She’d lit scented candles, and their spicy aroma filled the air. Voices drifted from the other end of the house, though he couldn’t make out any words.

So, that was her surprise. A threesome. He hadn’t felt two mouths on his cock since Cat and Alexis sucked him during their foursome with Drew. Out of this world. His heart beat faster. And oddly, he thought of his ex-wife rather than Cat. Alexis had lost all inhibition during those few short weeks. She’d been amazing. Even when they were alone, their sex had been better than ever before. He would have been content to go on that way. Until she’d walked in on him with Cat.

He’d been completely in lust with Cat back then. They’d even cooked up the idea of the foursome together, as a way of fucking without cheating, although Cat might have suggested it first. Whatever, he no longer remembered for sure. In hindsight, of course, he should never have agreed to screw outside the bounds of the foursome. That was his mistake. But when Cat had his cock in her hand, her lips only inches away, she got him to agree to anything. Now, a year later, he could admit he’d been hasty in walking out to be with her. Cat was wild, sexy, high energy. But Alexis had been good to come home to after a bad day. Cat was a lover. Alexis was a wife.

But what was done was done. Since their respective divorces, he and Cat hadn’t talked about marriage. He was good with the way things were. He wasn’t ready to commingle assets again. Obviously she wasn’t either.

“Honey, we’re ready for you,” Cat singsonged from the doorway. Then she giggled. He heard whispers. And he stopped thinking about Alexis.

The bed dipped on either side of him. “This is Terry, and we’re going to make you feel so good.”

And Logan let the sex take over, let Cat do what she did best, the dirty, nasty things he wanted from her, the things he’d divorced Alexis in order to have.

I hope you enjoyed Chapter One. What do you think of Cat’s surprise for Logan? If you don’t want to wait, you can read the complete Kinky Neighbors Two which is available at Amazon, BN, Smashwords, and ARe. It will soon be at Kobo, iTunes, and Sony.

And don’t forget the free books! She’s Gotta Be Mine by Jennifer Skully (me!) is free on Amazon. I can’t guarantee how long it will be free so hop on over and get it as soon as possible. Beauty or the Bitch, a contemporary retelling of Beauty and the Beast (with a twist!) is also free at Amazon, BN, Smashwords, iTunes, and Sony.


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