Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Internet Horror Stories!

Sorry I’m late getting this blog up! My computer woes seem to have become endless. My hard drive finally died on my desktop computer. Luckily, it’s being replaced under warranty. But that means I’m without my regular computer for at least 3 weeks. Luckily, I had everything backed up. Learned from the last time, a couple of months ago, when the computer died and I had to do a complete system restore. Obviously, that restore only lasted two months. Okay, so now I’m using a combination of my old laptop which is reeeeeeeeally slow and my netbook. The netbook is where I’m doing all my internet work and the laptop is for all the work in Word. Then Sunday, I get this weird message about “conflicting IP addresses” and all of a sudden I can’t get into the Internet on the netbook! I was fit to be tied. I couldn’t figure it out! Neither could my husband. I rebooted the modem, etc, etc. Honestly, I don’t know much about all this stuff. As computers and software get more complicated, I’m at a loss. I wanted to cry! I just want to look up my e-mail and do my work, that’s all!

So, after all this whining, I called my security software provider, my Internet service provider, and finally, they sent me to my Router manufacturer. Who solved my problem and gave me a new IP address to type in!!! Okay, it doesn’t really all make sense to me. But at least it’s fixed. And my desktop computer has been received in the warranty department. Whew! But really, all this technology will be the death of me!

So, what’s your worst Internet or computer nightmare? Leave a comment and your contact e-mail address and I’ll enter you in the drawing for a copy of The Seduction of an Unknown Lady by Samantha James. This wonderful book was nominated for in several contests. I’ll announce the winner on my next blog, and I’ll also add you to my newsletter for updates if you aren’t already a member. And congratulations to KimmyL, winner of Kathrynn Dennis’s Shadow Rider from my previous blog. Kimmy, please e-mail me on skully at skullybuzz dot com with your snailmail and I’ll get the book sent out to you.

Just a reminder, don’t miss the Take Your Pick excerpt on my website, but wear those oven mitts, because it’s explicit right from the get-go! Take Your Pick is available from Loose-Id.

And of course, Dead to the Max is finally available on Amazon Kindle with a fresh new cover look and a text revamp. And thanks to Rosemary Gunn for the wonderful covers she made for me!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Take Your Pick by Jasmine Haynes!

I’m very excited to announce my Loose-Id e-book, Take Your Pick is out! Now, Take Your Pick is once again a step up on the naughtiness quotient from my Berkley Heat books, a very sexy, fun read. Here’s a short blurb.

Two very different yet enticing men...
one very big choice...

Grant Tyler is sophisticated, intelligent, controlled, and a highly successful CEO of a Fortune 500. He’s Rena Lancaster’s perfect match, same background, same career path, they speak each other’s language. In bed, he makes her see stars. But then there’s Karl Kristiansen. Every bit as virile, masculine and intelligent as Grant, he’s her contractor, earthy, hands work-roughened, body tough, and powerful. And he takes Rena’s senses by storm.
When Grant decides he wants Rena exclusively, he forces a decision on her. And it’s Karl who comes up with the perfect test for choosing between them, make love with them both at the same time, and see who does the best job.
When their sexual play becomes a true ménage, with Grant and Karl each trying to top the other, willing to do anything Reba asks, even touch each other, the three of them together are like spontaneous combustion. Now that she’s had a taste of the real thing, how can Rena choose between these two perfect men when they both give her different things she craves?

What prompted me to write this story? Of course, the fantasy element, wouldn’t it be nice to have two of everything!? But beyond that, I wanted to explore whether a woman could actually be in love with two men at once. What if you were dating two guys and simply could not choose between them because they were both so perfect in very different ways, giving you different things that you crave equally? How do you make that choice? And thus, the story was born. Be warned, there’s some MM activity in there, too! I’m getting very daring. Be sure to check out the excerpt on my website, but wear those oven mitts, because it’s explicit right from the get-go!

So, what do you think? Can you be in love with two men at once? Leave a comment and your contact e-mail address and I’ll enter you in the drawing for a copy of Kathrynn Dennis’s Shadow Rider. This wonderful book was nominated for in several contests. I’ll announce the winner on my next blog, and I’ll also add you to my newsletter for updates if you aren’t already a member. Thanks to everyone for stopping by Bella Andre’s blog, and the winner of Michelle Willingham’s Taming Her Irish Warrior is Carol L! I’ll be sending you an email for your address, Carol.

Dead to the Max is finally available on Amazon Kindle with a fresh new cover look and a text revamp. In coming months, look for the rest of the series and I’ll be working on getting them all in print format, too! Take Your Pleasure is now on Kindle, too!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Welcome Bella!

I’m so happy to have Bella Andre as my guest this week! I love her books! And what a great excerpt! I’m continuing the same giveaway from my blog, Taming Her Irish Warrior by Michelle Willingham. So be sure to leave a comment and your email address. I’ll be announcing the winner on my next blog on Aug 16, and I’ll also add you to my newsletter for updates.

A quick plug for me before I hand it over to Bella. The first book in the Max Starr series, Dead to the Max, is up on Amazon Kindle. Be sure to check it out!

And away we go, Bella, thanks so much for stopping by!

Hello! I'm so thrilled that Jasmine has invited me to be a guest here today. She is not only one of my favorite writers, but she also happens to be one of my very favorite people too.

And I'm also thrilled to get the chance to tell everyone about my brand new (very) sexy contemporary release, called LOVE ME. Five years ago I wrote TAKE ME, a book with a full-figured heroine and a whole lot of unrequited love that was about to explode into crazy passion between Lily and Travis, my heroine and hero. Ever since then, I've received email after email asking me when I was going to write the sequel. Finally, this spring, I got the chance to write Luke and Janica's book, the hero and heroine's respective brother and sister.

I had so much fun revisiting these characters as I wrote LOVE ME. It's amazing the things that will happen when you've been walking around with a hero and heroine inside your head for five years. :) Thanks again to Jasmine for the chance to drop by and say hello. I can't wait to get to know you all better.

by Bella Andre
(available only as an ebook on kindle & smashwords or by ordering the paperback through Amazon and other online retailers)


Print (via Amazon):

ebook for Non-US/non-Kindle users:

It's been five years since Lily Ellis and Travis Carson got married and fell in love in TAKE ME....now it's finally time for Janica Ellis and Luke Carson to get their very own happy ending.

If there's one thing that Janica Ellis is absolutely certain of, it's that she and Luke Carson are totally wrong for each other. She's a wild, artistic and outspoken fashion designer. He's a type A, workaholic trauma surgeon (who just happens to be sizzling hot and her brother-in-law!). But Janica is about to be proven wrong when opposites attract...in the sexiest possible way.

After a life-changing night in the ER, Luke is desperate for escape - and relief from his personal demons. For five years he has fought his attraction to his sister-in-law, but when he's pushed too far, he can't fight it another second. He needs her. Desperately. He's spent his whole life doing the right thing. For one night, he's going to follow desire instead. Straight into Janica's arms.

Janica can't believe Luke is finally at her front door...and that he's kissing her like he's been waiting his whole life to touch her. But even as their sensual connection deepens with every touch of skin on skin - and the man she always thought was such a good boy turns out to be sinfully, toe-curlingly bad between the sheets - Janica soon realizes she wants more than Luke's body. She wants his heart too. But what will Luke do when one night of extreme passion turns into an all or nothing proposition?

copyright Bella Andre, 2010

Janica couldn't get enough of Luke.

She could feel the warmth of his skin beneath his clothes as her hands roamed down his back, then back up and across his broad, muscular shoulders, but it wasn't good enough. She wanted to know the feel of him beneath her fingertips.

Skin on skin.

Let the love begin.

Oh yeah.

She couldn't remember ever feeling like this, so utterly consumed by a man, so frantic to get him naked, to feast her eyes and hands and mouth on every inch of his body. Sex had always been at the top of her favorite-things list, but this desire-this total, all-encompassing need-was something else entirely.

So different, in fact, that as she yanked his T-shirt out of his pants and broke their kiss long enough to pull it up over his head, she started freaking out a little bit.

Because with his torso bared before her, with all of that hard heat at her disposal to caress and run her tongue across, she wanted so many things so powerfully all at once that instead of being able to do any of them she found herself paralyzed.

Pressing her hands flat against his chest, she could feel the beating of his heart against her palms. A hard, fast pounding that mirrored her own heartbeat.

So many years she'd dreamed of this moment, so many years she'd thought it would never come, and now that it had, she felt almost frightened.

She lifted her eyes to his at the exact moment that her heart said, I love you.


She stumbled back from Luke, or tried to, but his arms were faster than she was.

She hadn't read love in his eyes at any point so far tonight, only lust. Pure lust. And now he was saying, "Yes or no?" in a low voice that rumbled through her entire body like a sensual earthquake.

Oh god. It couldn't be true.

She couldn't be in love with Luke.

Of all the stupid things to feel for him, love was definitely the stupidest.

She swallowed hard, made herself locate her voice, which felt like it had dropped way down deep into her toes.
"To what question?"

"Tonight. This. You and me."

Ah, now she got it. He was asking her if she could forget about who they were. About their past. About how this could thoroughly complicate their future. He was asking her to make a choice between risking everything she was for this one night...or running scared from it.

She hadn't been afraid of anything for a very long time. So why, she wondered helplessly, was she afraid now?

And why had her brain actually thrown the word love into the mix?

His hands were warm on the small of her back, just above the curve of her ass. The heat of his bare chest radiated out to her as she stood in his arms. A bone-deep longing to shut her eyes and lay her head against him while he held her close hit her hard.

God, what was wrong with her tonight? Here she was on the verge of getting everything she'd ever wanted and instead of grabbing Luke with both hands, dragging him to her bedroom, and having her dirty way with him, she was freaking out.

"Yes or no?" he repeated.

She tried to say yes, but all she could get out was, "You already know the answer."

He shook his head, just as she'd known he would. He wasn't the kind of man you could fool. He was too smart. Too quick.

"I want to hear you say it, Janica. I need to hear you say it."

His need rocked through her. She couldn't say no to him. Just as she couldn't say no to herself, to her own desperate need.

She licked her lips. Opened her mouth. Finally whispered, "Yes."

That one small word was all it took for him to take over.

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