Wednesday, July 21, 2021

When Wishes Come True!

Wishing in Rome, the next Once Again story, is releasing today! Rome is such a fascinating city, so much history. And I loved all those movies and series like I, Claudius and Rome and Gladiator about the ancient Romans. You’ll find Dana and Marshall love them, too, in Wishing in Rome. Here’s a preview!

It’s never too late for wishes to come true…

Dana and Carol, best friends their whole lives, planned the trip of a lifetime to Rome. They'd plotted every detail, from touring the Colosseum to throwing coins in the Trevi Fountain and making wishes. When Carol dies suddenly, Dana is bereft—even more than when her husband left her for another woman. Then a bequest from Carol arrives, telling her to take the trip to Rome they’d planned together. Dana sets out on the journey, determined to rediscover the woman she used to be and find the woman she wants to become. Carol’s final instruction is to make a wish in the Trevi Fountain. But how do you make an impossible wish for the only thing you truly want— to have your best friend back with you?

Marshall Garrison is all business, and so is this trip to Rome. But a chance meeting with Dana Shaw in the Colosseum changes everything. He doesn’t believe in forever-after love, but still, there’s something exceptional about this brave divorcĂ©e, gallantly traveling alone. He sets out to be her guide and her friend, but when he discovers her poignant story, he wants more— to help her believe in wishing for the impossible. And in the process, he might even remember that business is only a substitute for the things he used to wish for...

A later in life holiday romance that will take you away from it all...

Read an excerpt on the website! And order Wishing in Rome here!

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Dreaming of Provence is available now!

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And Dancing in Ireland arrives on Aug 18! Preorder now!

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Just a reminder that Unforgettable in Love is available for preorder, coming to you next February. I know that seems like a long time, but it will be here before we know it. So get your order in for Lyssa and Cal’s story!

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Fearless in Love is free right now! Click here to find your favorite retailer!

Plus we've got RevengeDead to the Max, and The Girlfriend Experience free as well!

Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Your Next Beach Read

It’s been a while! I hope you’re all healthy and happy and that things are looking up after all that we went through in 2020!

I’ve been working on a brand new series! Which is why you haven’t seen anything new from me a few months. I wanted to get at least three of the books written for you so I could put them out back to back in June, July, and August for your summer reading pleasure!

A little about the new series. After the shutdowns we all experienced with COVID, I wanted to give readers an escape. So these stories are destination romance, vacation romance, wish-fulfillment romance. I want to take you away to foreign places, treat you to gorgeous locales, a little escapist romance for your pleasure. All my heroes and heroines are over the age of forty, so their experiences are later in life, second chance romances.

Up first is Dreaming of Provence. It’s a story that will tug at your heartstrings, yet one filled with hope.

A deathbed promise could open the door to a promise of love.

When Julia Bellerman loses her husband to cancer, she’s cast adrift. For ten years, her whole life has been about caring for him. Now, before she can move on with her life, she must fulfill her husband’s deathbed wish to scatter his ashes in Provence. And to let Ryder Wilding go with her.

Ryder, her husband’s best friend. And the man she fell in love with a lifetime ago.

Ryder’s first mistake was walking away from Julia. His second mistake was marrying the wrong woman—a marriage that ended in a nasty divorce. He’s spent all the years since wrestling with the guilt of loving his best friend’s wife. Now Ryder must take Julia to Provence to scatter her husband’s ashes. He thought losing his best friend was painful, but keeping his hands off Julia will be the hardest thing he’s ever done.

Can love overcome grief and guilt to give them a second chance?

Read an excerpt on the website. And you can buy Dreaming of Provence here:

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And the next two books are up for preorder! Wishing in Rome comes to you on July 21! Read an excerpt on the website!

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And Dancing in Ireland arrives on Aug 18!

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Woohoo! Fearless in Love is free right now! Grab your copy before it goes back to regular price! Click here to find your favorite retailer!

Plus we've got RevengeDead to the Max, and The Girlfriend Experience free as well!

Friday, July 31, 2020

Show Me How to Tempt You

I hope you’re up for some hot summer reading! Get ready for Show Me How to Tempt You, the next sexy Naughty After Hours story! I wanted to give you a second chance romance about a couple who have high school history. And now they discover each other again thirty years later. There’s just something so wish-fulfillment about that, like a fantasy come true.

The nerd meets his dream girl. And he wants his second chance.
She’s the bombshell high school cheerleader he lusted after. He’s the nerdy bookworm she never knew existed. Thirty years later, she’s about to discover exactly what she missed.
Lia Ferroni spent years climbing the corporate ladder, and she’s finally reached the top, achieving all she’s ever dreamed of. Until she meets the man who could cost her everything.
Nerdy teenager turned hunky engineer Finn Rafferty has come a long way since high school. VP of a Silicon Valley company that’s about to explode into the Fortune 500, he wants more than success. He wants the girl who got away all those years ago.
Passionate kisses break all the rules and exquisite pleasures tempt Lia to sacrifice everything. But when she learns who Finn actually is, she has to face the ugly truth she’s been running from for thirty years.
The truth is supposed to set you free. But what if it destroys everything Finn and Lia are trying to build?
Jump over to the website to check out an excerpt of Chapter One!

You’ll find Show Me How to Tempt You is a crossover story featuring Finn Rafferty from the Love After Hours series and Lia Ferroni, the newest addition to the West Coast executive team. Start catching up with all the Love After Hours characters in Book 1, Desire Actually
Congrats to Inna V., winner of the autographed set of the Castle Inc Series.
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