Monday, November 3, 2008

Freaks and Geeks!

We’ll get to the freaks and geeks part in a minute. First, congratulations to Robyn L, you are the winner of Rose Lerma’s Flower of Passion! I’ll be emailing you for your snail mail address to send out the book.

This week I’ve got another special offering from last week’s book signing. Win a matched set, autographed copies of Pamela Britton’s On the Move and Cherry Adair’s Night Fall. You know the drill, post a comment along with your email address, and I’ll enter you in the drawing for the two books. I’ll announce the winner next Monday!

Okay, now for the freaks and geeks part. That would be me and my husband. Who is the freak and who is the geek, I’m not exactly sure. Maybe it’s interchangeable. We were listening to a Suzie Ormand audio book and one of the things she said was that you could tell how a person valued money if they bothered to pick up a penny off the street. My husband and I thought, heck, we wanted to be seen as people who valued money, so we started picking up coins we saw, not just the silver stuff but all the pennies, too. Of course, people always laughed at us whenever they caught us doing it. We finally filled a huge jar after about six years and just set about counting everything we’d found. And we had a lot of fun counting it, too. The amazing total was $332! Of that, the pennies we collected came to $54! Here’s a picture of my hubby with our booty.

So, are we freaks or geeks or what?! And do you pick up a penny off the street?

And now for the big question, can you guess what we're watching on TV?

Another reminder, for those of you who are writers, the Silicon Valley chapter of RWA is having the Gotcha Contest. Finalists go to editors! Dead to the Max won the Gotcha way back when! You have until November 12th to enter.

Jasmine, Jennifer and JB!


ArkieRN said...

I pick up pennies. With enough pennies you have a nickle and with enough nickles you have a dime. And - well, you get the pic.

Anonymous said...

That's a lot of money!!!! LOL.
We have a jar like that.

Jennifer Skully/Jasmine Haynes said...

Yes, that's it. Enough pennies adds up to a lot of money! I'm so glad you are both penny-picker-uppers!

Terry S said...

One morning last week a friend picked up a penny and gave it away "for luck". Must have worked because later that day she found a dollar.

I, too, pick up penny's and take my haul to the bank every year before the holidays. The haul is never as big as yours but every little bit helps during the holidays.


Rita said...

I pick up any money that is lying around. While walking through a parking lot last Spring I found an envelope with over $900 in it. Though that was by far my biggest find, I've also found 1s, 5s, and 20s...oddly enough, no 10s that I can recall. Money's money.

Love the picture of the hubby, but I've gotta ask: What the hell are you guys watching? I know what it looks like, but am so hoping that I'm wrong. [grin] No WAY can you write the hot sexy stuff you do and watch the same reruns as my Gram used to! Ahhh! Jennifer, tell me it ain't so!!

Jennifer Skully/Jasmine Haynes said...

Terry, our haul was after approximately 7 years! So it was a long haul.

Wow, Rita, $900 in an envelope. Now that's amazing! Bet that poor gal or fella who lost it was totally bummed.

And I think you are so right as to what we're watching. But I'm gonna go in and change the blog and see if people can guess it!

Estella said...

I also pick up money I find.
I don't watch TV so I have no clue what you're watching.

Karin said...

I will pick pennies up off the streen sometimes. I don't do it all the time because I usually let my niece or nephew pick it up and keep it.

Jennifer Skully/Jasmine Haynes said...

It's a very old TV show that was on for years, Estella. A musical show.

And Karin, letting your niece or nephew pick it up is even better!

Rhonda said...

I use to pick up change that I saw, but now I let my four year old get it. She likes to think of it as treasure, which explains why she was a pirate for Halloween this year. Pirates are very "in", so you and your husband can consider yourselves pirates which are neither freaks nor geeks. HAPPY HUNTING!!!

Dena said...

Hi Jas, What a booty! I save all my change too. After awhile it adds up and it is fun counting to see how much. Have a great week.

CrystalGB said...

I do pick up change I see on the ground. I save all my change.

CarolB1977 said...

Hi Jasmine!

I'm a geek, too, as I also will pick up money from the ground. But it has to be more than pennies, otherwise I'm too embarrassed.

Wasn't the actor on your TV on a Western show, too, like Bonanza? He looks very familiar.


Jennifer Skully/Jasmine Haynes said...

Hah! I like that, Rhonda, we're pirates! I think it's great to let your daughter find the "booty"!

In addition to what we find, Dena and Crystal, we're like you, saving all the change. my husband found an electronic change counter at the thrift store for $3.00, so we're even economical in counting our change, too! And it's fun!

Sometimes I do get a little embarrassed like you, Carol. Once I fishing change someone had forgotten out the newspaper machine. It was ALOT, and it was such a small hole that it took forever. I turned around then and saw some lady sitting in her car watching me. I felt like a homeless person!

And nope, I don't think he was on Bonanza, Carol! But it's definitely an old TV show. Here's a hint, think Geritol.

Unknown said...

I always pick up coins if I see one on the street. I always go by the saying. Find a penny, pick it up and all day long it will bring good luck. I picked up a penny yesterday while I was out walking.


Rita said...

I can't possibly be the only person to know what show you're watching. Somehow that makes it even worse!

Jennifer Skully/Jasmine Haynes said...

And I hope that penny brought you loads of good luck, Virginia.

LOL, Rita, only you knew what we were watching! Does that make you a freak, too? A lovable freak, of course!

Susan said...

Yep, we pick up coins too. We never made out as well as you and your hubby! Living in a rural area certainly doesn't help. LOL

I think I know what your watching. TLWS?

Rita said...

oh thank god i'm not the only one! though i do like being considered a lovable freak!

Jennifer Skully/Jasmine Haynes said...

Yes, yes, Susan, you got it! TLWS!!!! Rita, you are not alone! Haha! I love it. Even my 83 year old mother laughs at my husband for watching that show!

And Susan, we get a ton of coins just by the newspaper stand at our local Safeway! Oh, and the water machine.

robynl said...

thanks so much for the win of Rose Lermer's Flower of Passion. Yippee!!

TamiC said...

I always pick up change, people look at me like seriously you are picking up a penny?? HELL YES I am picking up that penny! I even make my son pick them up, hey money is money it all adds up!

I soooooo have to win this one Jasmine, I love Cherry Adair and I have heard nothing but great things about Pamela Britton. So everyone should just let me win!! LOL


Jennifer Skully/Jasmine Haynes said...

You're going to love Flower of Passion, Robyn!

And Tami, I'm so glad you fiendishly pick up change like I do. And you are definitely in the running. I'll choose the winner tomorrow morning so check back!


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