Monday, August 10, 2009

Laced with Desire Cover

Congratulations to Susan Chaballa! You are the winner of Jordan Dane’s No One Heard Her Scream. I’ll be contacting you for your snail mail address or you can email me at skully @ skullybuzz dot com. Thanks also to Rosemary Gunn for stopping by and talking about her new book Open Proposal.

Next up, I have Black Out by Annie Solomon. To be eligible for the drawing, you must type in your email address. I’ll also add you to my newsletter for updates on all the fun stuff and releases, too. I’ll announce the winner on the August 24th blog! (Oh my GOD!, where has the summer gone!?) Good luck!

I’m so excited to be able to show you the cover for the next anthology in the “Unlaced” series. In fact, I’m debuting the cover here for you before I even put it up on the web site! I loved the classy pink cover for Unlaced, and this one is very hot and sexy, too. Laced with Desire will be out in February 2010. I love writing with these ladies, they’re so great. Here’s a little rundown on our stories!

Jaci Burton breaks the rule of mixing business with pleasure when two professional rivals cross paths at a tropical resort. She figures she can handle a fling with no strings attached. He’s out to show her that she figured wrong.

Jasmine Haynes explores the lust of a former supermodel who needs to finally fulfill a no-holds-barred sexual fantasy. Finding two men to do it with is easy. But are they up to giving her all the pleasure she’s been denied?

Joey W. Hill reveals the erotic bond between a master and the beautiful submissive who stole his heart. Recapturing their night of unparalleled passion won’t be easy—until a specific piece of lingerie comes into play.

Denise Rossetti goes beyond the limits of desire when she pairs a battle-scarred vet of love and war with a woman who’s just as fearless and twice as dangerous. What happens between them is positively combustible. But what a way to go.

My story is called La Petite Mort. LOL, does everyone know what that means?

BTW, you can preorder Laced with Desire on Amazon! And it’s 32% off the cover price!

Jasmine, Jennifer and JB!


Jasmine Haynes said...

Hope you all enjoy the cover!

Armenia said...

That is so sexy!! Love the cover and can't wait for book. My inner hussy is really interested...hmmm...purr.

Armenia said...

I was so excited about LACED WITH DESIRE I forgot to say I know what la petit mort means. Its "the little death", the name given to the feeling when you have an orgasm. Am I far off?

armiefox at yahoo dot com

Rosemary Gunn said...

Thanks again for having me here last week!!

Ohm'GODS...that COVER!! Dee-LISH!!! And the stories sound yummm-MA!!

Laney4 said...

Methinks that Armenia was bang on with her definition, LOL.
Thanks again for offering such great contests. I can hardly wait to read all these books!
seytype [at] hotmail [dot] com

Jasmine Haynes said...

Armenia, I'm so glad the cover made you so excited that you forgot to say what La Petit Mort means! And yes, you are right on the mark! Now you know what the story is about, LOL!

Thank you, Rosemary, I'm so glad you love the cover, too. And the stories!

Youthinks right, Laney! And I'm so happy you enjoy the contests, too.

Eva S said...

Awesome cover! And great authors, I loved Unlaced and I'm looking forward to reading this one too!

eva.silkka at

Jasmine Haynes said...

Thank you so much, Eva! I'm glad you loved Unlaced. And I'm so happy to be writing with these wonderful authors again.

flchen1 said...

That is a awesome cover, Jasmine! I loved Unlaced and can't wait for this next one!!

Estella said...

Love the cover!

Jasmine Haynes said...

Thank you both, Fedora and Estella!

Alexa said...

I really want to read Laced With Desire!! The cover is totally awesome!


Jasmine Haynes said...

Thank you, Alexa! I haven't read the other girls' stories, but they are such wonderful writers, I can't wait to see what they've done.

Virginia said...

What a great cover, its awesome and so sexy!


Jasmine Haynes said...

Thank you, Virginia! Berkley is certainly giving me beautiful covers! And it follows in line with my cover for the November book, Yours for the Night.

Dena said...

Hi Jas, The cover is very sexy! The stories all sound great too.

Jasmine Haynes said...

Thank you, Dena. I'm glad they appeal. Good news, I've the edits in hand, too!


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