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Any Way She Wants It!

Have I told you all how I got the title of Any Way She Wants It, West Coast, Book 6? First of all, let me say how much I love that old Journey song Any Way You Want It. So I was listening to that album, and it was so perfect for Tricia. It made me imagine exactly how she viewed sex, and I just knew she was a woman who would absolutely ask for it any way she wanted it.
But where did the idea for Tricia and David’s story come from? Of course you remember that David and Tricia have been dancing around each other since she started working at West Coast. But where did that whole dance start in my mind. Well, gosh, it’s been there for almost ever. So let me tell you…
Did you have a crush on an older man when you were 16? Or an older woman if you're a guy? Of course you did. It's sort of universal. I had a crush on my best friend's brother. He was ten years older than us. And I remember the actual day of my 16th birthday when he kissed my cheek and wished me Happy Birthday. I swooned. I was in love. I made up all sorts of fantasies about him waiting for me until I grew up. Of course we moved away that summer and I never saw him again. But it was a lovely fantasy! And that's what writers do. They take a small, insignificant memory or a newspaper article they read or a slice out of a dream and explode it into an entire story. Or they listen to a song and grab the title because it makes them actually see,  hear, and feel the characters they’re writing about.
So I’ve got a blurb and an excerpt coming up for you, but first I have to tell you about what you can win! To celebrate the release of Any Way She Wants It, I’m running a fabulous contest! Enter for your chance to win a $100 Zappos gift card (so you can get the sexy red high heels that Tricia loves to wear!) and a 3-month subscription of UnderClub from Cratejoy! That means for three months in a row, you’ll receive a box of luxury lingerie customized for you (or for anyone you’d like to give it to!). There are a ton of ways to get entries into the contest, too, like following me on Bookbub and Goodreads, and just going to my website to learn more about me! The contest starts on release day March 21! So make sure you get your entries in! Just go to Jasmine's Sexy Giveaway!
And before I forget, for those of you who loved Open Invitation Series, catch up with all of your favorites in Any Way She Wants It, West Coast, Book 6!
He was engaged to be married.
She was his sister’s best friend and his dirty little secret.
Twenty years later, it’s all about to explode.
David Farris has been a widower for almost a year. He should have been able to handle Tricia Connelly walking back into his life. After all, it’s been over twenty years. But now that she’s here, she’s the embodiment of his greatest desire…and his worst guilt. Keeping everything between them strictly business is the only way to preserve his sanity.
Tricia wants nothing more than to make David totally crazy with need for her. When she realizes they’ll be working side-by-side, day in and day out, her heart clamors for this second chance to make the one man she’s always wanted fall for her. But David can’t let go of the past.
Her only choice is to seduce him with steamy kisses and delicious caresses to show him how perfect they could be for each other.
Can David forgive his past sins? Or will he sacrifice their future?
© 2018 Jasmine Haynes
Any Way She Wants It, West Coast, Book 6
Chapter One
She sat three rows in front of him, on the groom’s side of the garden wedding. Her dress was a satiny blue that draped her curves, no ruffles or frills, just spaghetti straps that left her shoulders bared to the late September sun and his gaze. Her short blond hair kissed the nape of her neck, silky and touchable.
Not that David Farris would ever think of touching Tricia Connelly.
He thought about her when his guard was down. Jesus, he dreamed of her when his subconscious mind took over in the middle of the night. Hot, sexy, sweaty dreams he couldn’t quite banish when the alarm blared to wake him.
So it was safer to say that he would never act on any of his thoughts. Tricia Connelly was off limits. For so many reasons, but mostly because of their mutual past that he couldn’t forget and couldn’t forgive himself for. Because of his dead wife, as if her cancer was a manifestation of his guilt as well as his penance for all the wrong things he’d done.
God, yes, there were too many reasons, but the opening bars of the wedding march allowed him to shove them all from his mind. Everything except the sight of her.
Holt Montgomery’s back garden had been transformed into a chapel, with an arbor trimmed in flowers and ivy on a raised dais which would be converted to a dancefloor once the ceremony was over. White folding chairs had been set out for the guests with a center aisle the bride would walk down, all in a very traditional setting. Though Ruby Williams was anything but traditional.
The guest list wasn’t large, considering the fact that Holt was a Silicon Valley CEO with a huge contact base. Mentally cataloguing the seats, there was room for only fifty, and they were occupied mostly by employees from West Coast Manufacturing, including the executive team, a smattering of senior management, and the chairman of the board. Ruby and Holt had probably kept the number to a minimum in order to have the wedding in Holt’s backyard.
He would have expected more show from Ruby, five hundred attendees, a rented hotel ballroom, ice statues, and fountains of bubbling champagne.
But Ruby walked down the aisle with no escort and no entourage, wearing a magnificent cream confection David knew Cassandra Montgomery, Holt’s daughter, had designed. The halter-style dress tied at Ruby’s nape and dipped deep into her cleavage. The beaded bodice trimmed in lace ended in an arrow over her stomach, while the satin hugged her hips, finally flaring halfway down her thighs. Her dark hair pulled up in an elegant knot, she’d allowed a smattering of curls to artfully fall free.
No matter what David thought of her personally, he had to admit Ruby was stunning. Her face was radiant with a smile that could only be called happiness, though that had never been a word he’d used to describe Ruby. Yet as she walked down the aisle alone, as if she were the one giving herself away, she had eyes only for her soon-to-be husband. And her gaze was literally alight. Holt was a fine figure, CEO all the way, as commanding up on the dais in his formal tuxedo as he was in the boardroom. Ruby Williams had never been a woman that inspired the word love—she was too aggressive, too calculating, too predatory—yet love radiated from the look Holt graced her with. Somehow they’d found a way, the most unlikely couple.
Just as Ruby was without a maid of honor, Holt had no best man. David could only presume it was because the logical choice, Clay Blackwell, had lived with Ruby before taking up with Holt. Talk about complications. West Coast Manufacturing had turned out to a hotbed of sexcapades. Ruby and Clay, then Clay and Jessica Murphy, who’d become Jessica Blackwell only last month, then Holt and Ruby.
Yes, the Blackwells had been invited to the wedding. Though they were seated in the second row, Ruby glided past them without a glance, as if she didn’t care, as if marrying Holt made up for all that had gone before. When Ruby was a step ahead, Clay raised Jessica’s hand, bending slightly to kiss her knuckles. It could have been reassurance, yet the way Jessica smiled in return, her face and her blond hair as bright as a beam of sunlight, she had all the assurance she could ever desire.
The music hushed as Holt took Ruby’s hand, and he helped her onto the dais amid afternoon birdsong. For endless seconds, he looked down into her face, his gaze speaking to her. The moment was almost too intimate to watch. It kindled vestiges of David’s own wedding day, his fears, his duty, the love he’d told himself he felt for his bride, the other feelings he’d denied. He’d been denying them ever since.
His eyes fell on Tricia. Always back to Tricia. She was his past, she was his guilt. He’d never thought to have her in his present, and he could imagine no future that included her.
Except in his dreams.
A minister in traditional robes began the vows—David had no idea where Ruby had found him since he didn’t believe she’d ever stepped inside a church.
There were no embellishments, no personally written vows that seemed to be the rage these days. Yet somehow, with her hands clasped in Holt’s, Ruby’s declaration, murmured in her husky, sexy tone, was touching. “I take you as my wedded husband, to have and to hold from this day on, for better for worse, for richer for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love, cherish, and obey, till death do us part.”
David had expected her to remove the word obey, yet Ruby said the word with more force than all the others, giving it weight and meaning.
With his vows, Holt added his own stress on “Till death do us part,” as if it were a message that this marriage would be different. Especially since his ex-wife and her husband sat next to Holt’s daughter in the front row. Cassandra turned slightly, whispering into Ward Restin’s ear, then leaning her head on his shoulder. Ward was the company’s VP of Research, and Cassandra had been living with him almost since she’d moved up from L.A. five months ago to open her own fashion boutique. She was to have a spread in the Sunday social section of the newspaper, featuring Ruby in her magnificent dress. There might be only fifty guests today, but Ruby would have her limelight tomorrow, and so would Cassandra.
Short and sweet, the minister closed in on the end. “I pronounce you husband and wife.” He beamed widely, his smile another wrinkle in an already wizened face. “You may now kiss the bride.”
Ruby wore no veil, and Holt placed her hands on his chest then cupped her face with such tenderness it opened a wound in David’s chest, though God only knew why. Ruby blossomed for her new husband like a night-blooming flower, and that first kiss was both gentle and carnal, tender yet deep, as much an exchange of vows as their words had been.
God help him, his gaze came to rest on Tricia once more, his heart tearing right down the center.
That first kiss. She’d been so young. He remembered her tears, remembered how they’d slain him.
Why doesn’t anyone want to kiss me? What’s wrong with me, David?
She’d been sweet sixteen, and the boys she knew were too young to see the beauty she would become. But he was a man, ten years older, and she was his little sister’s best friend. He’d understood what the boys his sister knew never could, that Tricia was on the cusp of blooming into something extraordinary. He’d wanted only to prove to her that she was gorgeous no matter what the boys said. He’d wanted only to dry her tears and reassure her. Words could never have done it, only actions. So he’d kissed her.
And changed both their lives.
The depth of desire he’d felt floored him. That night destroyed him. It haunted his marriage. It consumed all his feelings for his wife. It burned him up with unquenchable guilt and irresistible desire. He hated himself for taking advantage of Tricia, hurting her, and yet it had been his pivotal moment, affecting everything that came after, even his dreams.
Because Tricia had lived in his nocturnal fancies, where she’d grown into the beautiful, stunning woman he’d known she would eventually become.
Until a few months ago, when she’d walked out of his dreams and back into his life, fulfilling his prophecies for her.
He shuddered, a slight movement of his shoulders as if he could shake off all the memories.
His fantasies had to end now, especially with Tricia so close and the endless hours of budgeting that loomed ahead. In the past, he’d spent the equivalent of days with Greg Stevens working on yearly forecasting. Tricia had taken over Greg’s position as Finance Manager when Greg was promoted to Controller.
David would never survive the year-end budget process unless he got himself under control.
He came out of his fog to find Holt and Ruby had descended from their dais. Instead of a procession back down the aisle and a receiving line, they greeted all their guests in a slow walk, stopping at each row.
Cassandra hugged her father, holding on tight for one long moment. They’d never been demonstrative, and in fact she called him Holt rather than Dad, yet there was a special bond in that hug. She’d gotten her red hair from her mother and her gorgeous features from her father, as well as his commanding aura. Ward had his work cut out with Cassandra if he wanted to wear the pants.
Then Holt shook Ward’s hand and bussed his ex-wife’s cheek while Cassandra gave Ruby a restrained hug. She might have designed the wedding dress but the two women weren’t suddenly BFFs. Unconventional, Cassandra wore a flame-red dress that absorbed the color of her hair rather than clashed with it. In any other circumstances, these two women would be rivals. Maybe they would be tomorrow.
When they turned to the other side of the aisle, David became aware of the silence as every breath was suddenly held.
“Cat fight,” Spence Benedict muttered in his ear.
David hadn’t been aware of Spence’s arrival, let alone that Spence sat right behind him. A guilty flush spread up David’s neck. He’d been watching Tricia too intently, and he wondered how much Spence had picked up on.
Instead of acknowledging that, he gave his own low murmur back. “They’ll be on their best behavior.”
That’s exactly what Ruby and Jessica did, smiling politely at each other, Jessica saying something, probably congratulations, Ruby thanking her, while the male parties exchanged handshakes and backslaps.
“Jesus, I think he’s going to hug her.” Spence’s laughter was cut off at a snort when Zoe elbowed him.
“Shh,” she hushed him, though he’d spoken softly enough that no one but she and David had heard.
The hug didn’t happen. Instead Clay kissed Ruby’s cheek, as chaste as a father or a brother.
With the moment over, the chatter started again as Holt and Ruby moved on down the aisle, receiving handshakes, hugs, and congratulations.
“You look marvelous,” David told Zoe.
“Thank you.” She was a pretty woman with long dark hair, and she’d made Spence happy.
Spencer Benedict had always been good for a laugh, always found the joke in everything, and yet he’d never seemed quite as…what was the word? Complete? Yes, that was it. Zoe completed Spence. If David didn’t miss the mark, he’d say Zoe would soon be making them a complete family, too. There was the slightest bump beneath the summer dress she wore. The problem, David knew, was that Zoe’s divorce wasn’t yet final.
“Okay, come on.” Spence took Zoe’s hand in his. “I gotta give Ward some crap and see when he’s going to follow in Holt’s footsteps and marry that girl.” He pulled her to the far end of the aisle, obviously skipping the congratulations for now.
“Don’t hold your breath,” David muttered, though they were now out of earshot. He didn’t believe Cassandra Montgomery was the marrying kind. Then again, he had to admit she seemed to adore Ward.
Everyone else was merging toward the center aisle to await Holt and Ruby’s greeting, while the staff began at the sides, moving chairs and bringing out the cocktail tables for mingling, beginning the garden’s transformation from chapel to reception. They set aside the trellis and unlocked hinges on the dais that allowed them to extend it to make a larger dancefloor.
David shifted back to the front, judging the newly married couple’s progress down the aisle, gauging how long before he could make his escape.
And turned right into Tricia’s sky-blue gaze. Her eyes were focused, as if she’d seen every thought he’d had about her, every wet dream painted on his face like prison stripes.
The guests, the minister, the bride and groom, they all seemed to fade. Except her. His breath constricted in his chest, his heart lodged somewhere in his throat, and his stomach plummeted to the ground he stood on, shaking it beneath his feet.
Over the last few months, since she’d started working at West Coast, Tricia had tried to talk to him. Christ, she’d actually cornered him a couple of times. How he’d shut her down, he couldn’t even recall. He’d probably run like a coward or a fool.
Her gaze was so direct, so straight, lancing him.
Yes, he was a coward. Eventually, they would need to have the confrontation. But not today.
Holt saved him, reaching Tricia’s row. She shook hands, no hugs, no pecks on the cheek.
To the left of David’s row, the wait staff carefully placed the wedding cake on a side table. A three-tiered confection, it was topped with a Day of the Dead bride and groom. Despite the emotions roiling inside him, he chuckled. It was so un-Ruby. But then he had to wonder about all the things he didn’t know about her. Didn’t know about Holt. Or about their relationship.
Every relationship wore a different face behind closed doors. Every relationship had a surface hiding its depths. There was what you wanted people to see versus the actual truth.
It was his turn now and Holt grabbed his hand in a hardy shake.
“Congratulations,” David said. His smile felt forced. It had been a mistake coming. The wedding was a reminder of his dead wife, his dead marriage, and Tricia was the embodiment of his guilt, of all his mistakes, of the harm he’d caused. And a token of the things he desired but could never have.
He shook off all the memories. He was here. He had to act. He took Ruby’s hand in both of his. “You make a stunning picture, Ruby. I wish you all the best.”
She smiled without artifice, even though Ruby always had artifice. “Thank you, David.” She poked him in the chest. “Now, I want you to get out there and dance once the music starts. Be the life of our party.” She elbowed Holt fondly. “He says he’ll only do the first dance so I’m going to need lots of partners.”
Ruby had definitely had her share of partners.
“She’s teasing, David.” Holt wrapped a proprietary arm around her, pulling her close and tight, staking his claim. “But we want you to enjoy yourself.”
He saw the words between their lines. He saw the last ten months since his wife’s death where he seemed to be living in a world of grief. And there were the endless months before that, the diagnosis, the treatment, then when the doctors finally destroyed all their hope. He’d been aware of the thoughtful gazes at work, the worry, the desire to help, the inability to do so. Now they all wanted him to move on, to get better, to be the man he’d been before the cancer.
His son and daughter wanted it, too. They missed their mom, but they were both in college now and starting their own lives, creating new priorities.
What none of them knew was that the genesis of his guilt came long before the cancer, before his kids were born, before he’d married Marie.
It began that night with Tricia.
Can David resist Tricia? To find out, pick up you copy of Any Way She Wants It, West Coast, Book 6 today!
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Welcome the fabulous Sherry Ewing!

Welcome to the Bluestocking Belles Holiday anthology Never Too Late with 8 wonderful stories from 8 fabulous authors! The stories span 8 centuries and we start with Sherry Ewing’s return to the Knights Berwyck (I love this series!!) in a marvelous tale called The Piper’s Lady. Now you all know how I feel about Sherry’s books. I can’t get enough of them! I’m so glad to find a Knights of Berwyck story I have read! And away we go with The Piper’s Lady.

True love binds them. Deceit divides them. Will they choose love?

Lady Coira Easton spent her youth traveling with her grandfather. Now well past the age men prefer when they choose a wife, she has resigned herself to remain a maiden. But everything changes once she arrives at Berwyck Castle. She cannot resist a dashing knight who runs to her rescue, but would he give her a second look?

Garrick of Clan MacLaren can hold his own with the trained Knights of Berwyck, but as the clan’s piper they would rather he play his instruments to entertain them—or lead them into battle—than to fight with a sword upon the lists. Only when he sees a lady across the training field and his heart sings for the first time does he begin to wish to be something he is not.

Will a simple misunderstanding between them threaten what they have found in one another or will they at last let love into their hearts?

And you must read this incredible excerpt of The Piper’s Lady! I love it!

Garrick once more captured the woman in his arms as they fell to the ground in a heap. In a repeat performance, he rolled to bear the impact ’til she was captured beneath him. Hazel eyes stared at him in wonder, and his heart lurched in his chest.

“Sir Garrick…” His named passed her lips in a breathy whisper.

“Lady Coira…” he answered, and afore common sense returned to him, he leaned down and placed his lips upon her own.

By God’s Bones, he must be mad, he thought even as her arms pressed their way over his shoulders and wrapped themselves around his neck. His mouth moved over hers gently for he did not wish to scare her. ’Twas an exploration… a first-time meeting of two souls as their breaths exchanged with one another. He was lost ’til a low throaty moan escaped her and brought him back to the reality of what he was doing.

He broke off their kiss and jumped up as though he had been burned, which was not far from the truth. Bloody hell! If Coira were in truth Morgan’s lady, the knight would skewer him alive and see his head placed on a pike outside Berwyck’s gates for taking such a liberty. He would not think of what Lord Dristan would do to his remains since the lady was also under his watchful eye.

He began cursing and pacing back and forth ’til he realized he had left the lady of his musing lying on the hard ground. She had propped herself up on her elbows and was watching him intently. He came to her and held out his hand to help her rise. Her fingers slipped into his palm, and he once more forgot about everything else but the lady he pulled up to stand.

Her knees gave out, and she once more fell into his arms as they stumbled up against the very oak that began the downfall of his life as he knew it. Garrick reached out to steady them whilst her back was up against the solid trunk. He clearly had no sense left in his head whilst he rested his arm above her head and stared down at the beautiful woman who was beginning to claim his heart.

“Coira…” he murmured. “’Tis a beautiful Gaelic name, but I am surprised ye are called such for an English woman.”

“’Twas my mother’s doing. She told me years afore she died that she and my father had travelled to Scotland, and she fell in love with the country and its people. She said I was a wonderful reminder of their time together.”

“Ye must miss them. I am sorry for their passing along with yer brother’s.”

“I seem to be alone in the world now,” she answered softly. Garrick did not miss the small catch in her voice.

He reached out and ran the back of his finger along her cheek. “Ye are not completely alone, lass,” he replied, and although he hated to say the next words, he knew he must. “Ye have Morgan. ’Tis obvious he cares for you.”


I know you loved this excerpt as much as I did. And here’s where you can grab your copy of Never Too Late, with so many fabulous authors!

Learn more about Sherry!

Sherry Ewing picked up her first historical romance when she was a teenager and has been hooked ever since. A bestselling author, she writes historical & time travel romances to awaken the soul one heart at a time. Always wanting to write a novel but busy raising her children, she finally took the plunge in 2008 and wrote her first Regency. She is a member of Romance Writers of America, the Beau Monde & the Bluestocking Belles. Sherry is currently working on her next novel and when not writing, she can be found in the San Francisco area at her day job as an Information Technology Specialist. You can learn more about Sherry and her published work at

Social Media Links:
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Jack is back!

I’m enjoying the fabulous weather down in Palm Desert, just as the rain and the cold starts to seep into the house back home. A week of sunning, hiking, and writing! Yes, I’m starting the next West Coast book, Any Way She Wants It! So while I’m working on that, I’ve got a couple of re-releases for you! Drop Dead Gorgeous and Sheer Dynamite. These were two of my favorite romances that I wrote for HQN. I loved Madison’s happy-go-lucky outlook on life in Drop Dead Gorgeous and Grandma Blue in Sheer Dynamite never failed to make me laugh! My mother was horrified, thinking I’d patterned Grandma Blue after her, but no, my mother is much to proper to ever say any of the things that come out of Grandma Blue’s mouth! So, I’m going to give you excerpts of both these books today! First up, Madison and T. Larry in Drop Dead Gorgeous!

A beautiful young woman who’s never been in love, the boss who’s dying to be her first… and the stalker who wants to be her last.

When danger begins to stalk Madison O’Donnell, her boss, T. Laurence Hobbs, must turn his calculating mind to protecting her. And the only way to do that is to make sure he’s the man she falls in love with.


© 2017 Jennifer Skully

“When was the last time you tried on my wedding dress?”

Madison rolled her eyes, glad her mother, being on the other end of the phone, couldn’t see.

“When I get married, Ma—” Which would be never, though she avoided saying anything like that flat out to her mother who frowned on Madison’s self-diagnosis of her condition “—I want to pick out my own wedding dress.” Sentimentality was great, but Madison’s mother got married right after the royal wedding when everyone wore Princess Diana knockoffs with puffy sleeves and boatloads of material around the neckline. Madison shuddered.

T. Larry had closeted himself in the conference room with Jeremiah and Alta. He had to get out of there before five. He just had to. Because she needed to know how things went with Zach. She’d chewed the lipstick from her lips and bitten her nails to the quick—or would have if her manicure hadn’t cost so much.

“And don’t think I didn’t recognize that subtle reference to marriage, Ma.”

“It wasn’t subtle at all. That nice Laurence—”

“His name is T. Larry.”

“Then why did he introduce himself as Laurence?”

“It doesn’t matter, because I’m not marrying him.”

“Do you know how much he makes a year?”

“I’m his secretary, not his accountant. And money isn’t important.”

“Then it’s true love.”

Madison thought about banging her head against her desk, just like T. Larry, but tried to think of her end of the conversation. Gauging what Bill, Anthony, and Mike thought about it from their vantage point on the other side of her cubicle wall seemed quite important. Of course, then she couldn’t remember exactly what she’d said. “I told you yesterday after church—”

“Does he attend church regularly?”

“I have no idea.”

The conference room door stayed tight as a vacuum-packed seal. What was going on in there?

“James thinks he’s marvelous.”

“James offered him condoms,” she hissed softly, hoping no one would hear


“He did, Ma. You’ve got a big problem brewing in that household of his. I think it’s called birth control.”

Another shocked exclamation, then, “In my day people didn’t dream of talking about that kind of thing.”

Her mother’s day had come after the sexual revolution, though that had somehow managed to roll over Ma and leave her untouched. “Are we referring to sex or birth control?”

“I know what you’re doing.”


“You’re trying to deflect the subject. Now about marriage and that nice Laurence—”

“I’m not marrying T. Larry.” Taking T. Larry to her nephew’s birthday party might not have been one of her brighter impulsive decisions. Had she said that too loudly? The guys were being awfully quiet on the other side of the wall.

“What does Laurence have to say about that?”

“He doesn’t want to marry me either.” It became difficult to lower the decibel of her voice when the level of her ire was rising. Then she sucked in a breath. Why was she angry? She never got angry. It must be her upset over Harriet and the lawsuit. “Ma, can we talk about this later?”

“But we need to start planning...”


“All right. I just called to tell you your brother would be by tomorrow to fix the disposal. So leave a key under the mat.”

“I always leave a key under the mat.” Because one of her brothers was always coming over to fix something for her, the big sweeties.

“And for goodness sake, clean up the kitchen. You know he hates to work in a mess.”

She didn’t have time to clean up tonight. She had her picnic with Richard. “Sean already told me.”

“I don’t know where you get your messiness from.”

She got it from having too many better things to do. “Bye, Ma. I love you.”

“One more thing, Madison dear. I’m Episcopalian, and I’ve always believed in birth control. Except for that brief stint where your father corrupted me into being a Catholic.” A pause, her lips would be pursed. “So take your brother’s condoms just to be sure.”

Did I mention that Madison’s mother cracks me up, too! Here’s where you can find Drop Dead Gorgeous, It’s Fate, Book 1!

 And now for Jack and Opal’s story in Sheer Dynamite!

 She’s a little bit crazy, she’s a whole lot beautiful, and she just might be psychic. Or not.

He’s tall, dark, and dynamite. The reincarnation of Dynamite Davis, that is. Or not.

Together, they’re explosive.


© 2017 Jennifer Skully

“We’re going for ice cream.” Grandma Blue seemed to bounce on the front seat of Jack’s truck like a child.

Opal wanted to sag against the door, but she reminded herself to resonate with energy. Besides, Grandma Blue seemed to be having the time of her life.

And Jack was staring with something dark, seething, and volatile in his eyes. With Grandma Blue between them, Opal couldn’t tell whether it was anger or something else.

“I didn’t expect to see you here, Jack.” In her heart of hearts, she was so glad.

“Find anything?”

He knew she hadn’t. This was his way of turning the tables on her. She gave him a bright smile belying the ache in her feet, her head, and her exhaust-numbed nose. Really, how did ladies of the night do it? “Nothing yet, Jack, but thank you so much for asking.”

“Will you two quit fighting? I want ice cream. Dynamite’s buying.”

“We’re not fighting.” Opal wasn’t sure what they were doing.

Opal spared a glance for Jack, who gave an imperceptible nod, and suddenly she wanted that ice cream more than anything else in the world. At least until she went back out on the overpass tomorrow night, at which point, she’d pray her vision jumper would attempt to make his jump, because she just wasn’t sure she could make it through another night out there.

“Come on, Grandma Blue, we’ll follow Jack over.”

Grandma Blue pursed her lips militantly. “Dynamite doesn’t know where my favorite ice-cream shop is. I’ve got to give him directions. Besides, I’ve never driven in a Dodge Ram before. It's like driving as high up as a bus. Bet he can see right down onto the laps of ladies sitting in the passenger seat and wearing short skirts.” She turned to Jack. “Can’t you, Dynamite?”

Jack didn’t even bat an eye at the outrageous question. Which meant he’d probably gotten an earful of Grandma Bluisms over the last two hours and was inured to the effect of them. He merely smiled and said, “You’d be surprised how far a short skirt will ride up. And at what some of the ladies aren’t wearing.”

Was that level look meant for her? Opal thought there was a certain sizzle there that sent an answering shiver straight to the tips of her toes.

“Let’s go.” Grandma Blue bounced once again in her seat.

Pulling her keys from her bag, she wondered what Grandma Blue had up her sleeve this time.

Opal knew where they were going and got there first. The shop was crowded due to the warm July evening. She pulled a ticket, then cased the counter to see what she wanted. Barrels and barrels of every ice cream imaginable. She almost knocked over a little kid who got in her way. His dad pulled him back with a sharp look at Opal.

The hair ruffled at her nape, and she smelled Jack, some woodsy cologne and warm male skin. “What are you having?”

Your-lips-on-my-neck double scoop, please. She almost closed her eyes and sighed. He barely touched her, but she felt him down the length of her back, her thighs, and everywhere in between. Gee, with Jack so near, the ache in her feet didn’t seem quite so bad.

“Butter pecan.”

“Like the nuts, huh?”

She glanced over her shoulder to find his lips dangerously close, and that was definitely not anger in his sizzling-hot gaze.

Whatever bug he’d had up his hind-end last night had certainly worked its way out.

She almost missed their number. “Over here.”

Grandma Blue ordered first. “Single scoop double fudge chocolate caramel swirl on a sugar cone with sprinkles on top. And don’t be chintzy with the sprinkles, either.”

Opal got her butter pecan, and Jack ordered vanilla.

“Just plain vanilla?” Grandma Blue demanded.

“I like vanilla.”

She eyed him, looking like a little gnome. “Dynamite’s favorite was vanilla.”

Opal wanted to laugh and suddenly the oppressive energy of the last two hours lifted. She was sure Grandma Blue hadn’t a clue what flavor ice cream Dynamite Davis preferred.

Once outside again, the sun was going down, but the heat still rose from the concrete, warming her legs.

Without warning, Grandma Blue elbowed Jack in the stomach.

“Oomph.” He almost lost his ice cream off his cone. “What?”

A look passed between them, one Opal couldn’t assess due to the heavy tinting of Grandma Blue’s glasses.

Then Jack was staring at her. At her breasts. As if she were a scoop of ice cream he desperately wanted to lick. Honestly, how could a woman stay angry when a man melted her with a look like that?


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